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  • Cybersecurity With Sandra

    Cybersecurity With Sandra

    Helping you fast track your career into cybersecurity. Get my FREE Cybersecurity Career Roadmap Guide and join our community of 5,000+ weekly readers! 🎉

    "Sandra's cybersecurity newsletter aligns with our goals of educating cybersecurity professionals for career guidance, certifications, and more. "
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    tl;dr sec

    The best way to keep up with cybersecurity research. Join >50,000 security professionals getting the best tools, talks, and resources right in their inbox for free.

    "tl;dr sec is perfect for quick AppSec, security, blue/red team, and related news. Stay informed and get the trimmed down tl;dr bottom line of cybersecurity news."
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    The Rundown AI

    Get the rundown on the latest developments in AI before everyone else.

    "The Rundown AI by Rowan provides timely updates on everything making headlines in AI and Generative AI across the globe."
  • The Quiet Rich

    The Quiet Rich

    You don't just want to be rich in money. You also want to be "rich" in time. Join 70,000+ newsletter subscribers who get 1 short email every Monday about the quietly rich life.

    "I like the Quiet Rich because although it has nothing to do with technology, it provides valuable insight into time, resource, and energy optimization. "